About Vivid Dental

About Vivid Dental

At Vivid Dental, we are more than just a dental clinic. We value our relationships with our patients and treat every one of them like our own family.

At Vivid Dental, we pride ourselves to give you the best possible treatment at affordable prices.

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Providing quality dental care from generations to generation.


We aim to treat all patients like family and have every patient leaving with a beautiful smile.


Yearning for Perfection

Our Dentists and Assistants

Vivid Dental is based in Tiong Bahru and opened in July 2018. We aim to provide affordable and quality dental care for generations to generations and spread happiness through our clinic.

Our Staffs

At Vivid Dental, we are made of a team of highly trained and skilled health professionals who are dedicated to giving the best to our patients.

We are constantly upgrading ourselves by attending lectures, workshops and courses for the latest dental knowledge.

Dental Surgeons